We’re redefining how lessons are created & delivered to modern classrooms.

Ximbus’ vision is simple; to transform how teachers teach & how students learn, by providing an intuitive platform for you to develop & deliver enriched lessons in minutes.

Build multi-format lessons packed with inspiring content.

Ximbus connects to your Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. With our lesson timeline you can build enriched lessons made up of your documents, video & audio files, PDFs, images, YouTube videos and web links. Add them to your lesson timeline, and distribute to your class as a LIVE lesson or as a self paced homework.

Pick your lesson content and let Ximbus do the heavy lifting.

Present your lesson live in class, with greater control.

Students can connect to your multimedia lesson using their own mobile devices. As you navigate through the lesson the student devices automatically follows along.

During a live lesson, you have a number of controls at your disposal. Annotate over documents, pull up a blank whiteboard and explain concepts further, instantly poll your class for live feedback, and even control their attention, diverting it back to you when you need.

Flip the classroom.

Students can access assigned lessons in the ‘Lesson Library’. Flipped lessons allow students to navigate through the lesson’s content prior to class. 

As a teacher, you can monitor their progress through flipped lessons, view their usage reports, and set controls to make sure they navigate the content in the correct order. 

Clutter Free.

Many education solutions are bloated and tired. We have designed Ximbus to be as lightweight as possible, only adding in features that we know are important to teachers.

More importantly, we have focussed on usability. No menus hidden in menus, no redundant tools, no clutter. Just clean, smooth, and efficient design that does not hold you back or break the flow of the lesson.

Keep it ximple.

Features & Benefits

Add any item to the timeline.

Ximbus can display any file type that is supported by a web browser. Create lessons enriched with multiple file formats such as images, videoes, audio, PDFs, PPT, Word, Google Docs/Slides/Sheets/Forms, web links, YouTube etc... The list goes on.

Automatic Lesson Updates

Ximbus works with content straight from your Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. If you update the file, your Ximbus lesson will automatically reflect the changes. No need to edit older lessons, or check to see if your content is up-to-date.

Instant Polling.

One button, multiple questions, instant polling. Simply hit the question button to gauge audience understanding or opinions. Instant polling, instant answers.

Google Classroom Integration

Already work with Google Classroom? Great, you can easily connect with Classroom, add your students to your lesson, and share your lesson on your Classroom wall. Ximple communication.

Eyes Up Class!

Divert your students' attention back to you with our nifty 'Eyes Up' button. Press this and your students are notified when you want their attention, locking down the lesson on their device and diverting focus back to you.


Want to see how your students are getting on with a 'self paced' lesson? No problem. View reports detailing individual student progress through a self-paced lesson, see how many times they have viewed the content, and for how long. Gain better insight into how the students navigate your content.

Annotate & Collaborate.

Annotations can be made over any content. We also have an interactive whiteboard feature allowing everyone to collaborate and annotate together.

Guests welcome

Simply show the lesson key code, and anybody can join as a guest viewer instantly.

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