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Engage your students, capture their feedback and personalize their
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Multimedia Lessons

Image of Ximbus timeline builder show how you can build multimedia lessons.
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Build multimedia lessons with any file type such as videos, audio files, PDFs, images, YouTube videos, web links & embed code …
…the list goes on.

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For Google and Microsoft Schools

Ximbus connects to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, allowing you to add any content to your lesson. Add students to your lesson from Google Classroom or Microsoft teams.

Enrich your lessons

Add layers to your lesson content by adding questions or attaching articles, voice notes and comments for students to view and complete.

Classroom Management

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Step by Step

‘Step by Step’ mode ensures students navigate each slide in the order they are presented in.

Who is away icon

Who is Away?

‘Who is Away’ allows you to see if students have navigated off your lesson.

Eyes up icon

‘Eyes Up’

‘Eyes Up’ allows you to lock students screens, diverting their attention back to you.

Student Group Collaboration icon

Group Collaboration

Easily organize students into groups, where they can work together sharing ideas and completing tasks.

Student Reporting icon


View reports detailing individuals students progress through a self-paced lesson. View students responses to questions, how long a student has spent on a slide & how many times they have viewed your lesson.

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Instant Poll

Instant poll students for live feedback. One button with multiple questions to assess in the moment learning.

Annotate and Collaborate icon

Annotate & Collaborate

Annotate over any document to explain concepts further. Ximbus’ interactive whiteboard features allow students to collaborate & annotate together, at your control.

Embed other apps icon

Embed Apps

Consolidate all of your teaching apps into a simple single timeline. All you need is the embed code, meaning you don’t have to navigate off Ximbus with loads of tabs!

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